Lighting Design Services

We provide design services for industrial facilities, commercial parking lots, roadways, streets, parks and sporting facilities. Lighting projects range in size from residential street lighting to multi-use ball fields and arenas. Lighting Consultation, review existing lighting installations and make recommendations for improvements to improve quality and energy efficiency.

Our leadership experience includes all facets of project development, construction, integration and warranty follow up services to compliment the professional engineering services. We take pride in concise detailed planning and execution of plans that meet the customer’s needs while accommodating the unique constraints present on each project.

Quality First

While quality control is paramount, back checking and reviewing designs as a team, we ensure excellent coverage of deliverables with reliable results. We take pride in being responsive to the needs of our customers and are committed to the success of and proud to be a part of each project!


Our team has proven to be models of low overhead without compromise to high-quality delivery of services. Due to the nature of a small business and organizational structure, our team has minimal overhead expenses and requirements to operate as a fully functional engineering consultant, construction management and design team.

Client Focused

This is where DARcor’s services are visually reflective of our commitment to the customer’s expectations. We want to make sure, in any way that we can, that the customer is getting what they have paid for in addition to what the contractors have
already committed to delivering.

Lighting the way…

Our lighting design team utilizes AutoCAD with AGI32 to prepare photometric lighting analysis and reports. As active members of the Illuminating Engineering Society, our team is always up-to-date with the latest in lighting technologies including solar lighting, LED luminaires, and other energy saving option, such as lighting controls. We provide opinions of construction costs based on material and labor costs from a few different sources such as Means, vendor cost estimates obtained during design, and recently bid projects of similar scope. Additionally, our opinions of construction costs are itemized to help promote ease in cost controls and value associated with tasks and goals for an operational system with minimal down time.


Our team has a tremendous amount of experience and the expertise to successfully deliver nearly any type of electrical engineering project regardless of size or complexity. With 100% of the work being done locally, we provide excellent services in an efficient manner to meet your project needs in a timely manner. This efficiency is especially important when working on fast-track projects that have short deadlines. We take pride in being responsive and will strive to provide services that will exceed your expectations.